Caroline and The Duke by Sabrina Darby



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What happens when a widowed lady and a duke finally submit to their desires…a delightful short story from Sabrina Darby.


Lord Sutbridge has been friends with Caroline for the past 10 years and has been in love with her for just as long. She is the reason that he has yet to marry. Now that she is widowed he is determined to have her as his wife, but the lady has other plans. Lady Caroline is enjoying her freedom as a widow and has no plans to marry again. Caroline is interested in Sutbridge…just not for marriage. After enduring a horrible marriage, she is ready to find passion and love in the arms of  man. She has her hopes set on Sutbridge but he is asking for more than she is ready to give.


I was initially interested in Caroline and The Duke because of its cover. It is one of the prettiest covers I have seen for a historical romance. The story is very well written with two great characters. There is just the right amount of tension between Caroline and Sutbridge. Sutbridge has been in love with Caroline for years and has been very angry that she married someone else and had children with him. Now that she is widowed he wants to marry her and have the life that should have been there’s years ago. I applauded Sutbridge for continuing to push Caroline, because they did belong together. I honestly felt horrible that they wasted 10 years of their life because she married someone else.


While I knew it was a short story…I still felt that it wasn’t enough. Caroline and John’s story really should have been a full length novel. I think the storyline is great and I felt disappointed when it was finished. I would have liked to know more of the reasons why she married so young, glimpses of their meetings in the past, etc. Aside from that Caroline and The Duke is a very enjoyable story. I hope to read more from this author in the future. 

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