The Warlord’s Wife by Sandra Lake


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The Warlord’s Wife Sandra Lake is a dynamic historical romance that brings to life the magic and excitement of that the Vikings are famous for.

Is one of the best books that I have read in the last year or two. It contains everything that you could want in a story, romance, adventure, intrigue!

Magnus Knutson is in southern Finland for business, he is a  Norse Chief and a very powerful man. He is also looking for a wife to provide him with sons. and though he has looked far and wide he hasn’t found one that appeals to him. On his way to his ships, he sees Lida in the field, tending to her family’s farm. He decides that he wants to marry her and has one of this men approach her family to secure her hand in marriage. Lida is not impressed with Magnus and refuses his offer of marriage. After much prodding from her family she agrees to meet with Magnus to discuss the possibility of marriage. Once there she bargains with him for protection of his name for her daughter from her previous marriage. Magnus is intrigued with Lida and agrees to her demands. They set off the next day for his holdings. Once they arrive in his kingdom Lida and Magnus begin to get to know one and other and while their relationship develops outside forces continuously put obstacles in their paths.

The Warlords Wife was just fabulous. I was immediately taken with Lida as she is such a strong character. Especially for that time period. She was hurt in the past and bargened not for herself but her daughter. She takes a risk on Magnus and it turns out to be the best thing for her. Magnus only wanting a wife to give him a son, not someone he ever saw developing a relationship with. He is surprised how quickly he develops feelings for Lida and also her daughter. They become the two most important people in his life. When Magnus and Lida both realize that they love each other nothing can stand in their way.

The writing in this story is so vivid I felt like I was transported back in history. It was so great! I so hope this series continues.

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Carnal Risk by Kym Grosso


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Carnal Risk takes readers on an adrenaline ride through the eyes of Garret and Selby…two very different people that find each other when they least expect it.

Garrett Emerson and Selby Reynolds meet under unique circumstances. Their mutual friend Lars has brought them together because he knows that Selby can assist Garrett at his company, Emerson Industries.  Garret is caught unaware of Lar’s true intentions and is not pleased with the situation of how they met, neither is Selby. With a little (or a lot) of reluctance on both their parts they agree that Selby will work at Emerson until the position of CTO can be filled. What neither Garrett nor Selby anticipated was the fierce attraction that they share.

When Garrett first sees Selby is immediately smitten. When he finds her in his office he comes to realize that she is more than just a pretty face and a smoking hot body. She’s beautiful, intelligent and unlike many of the woman he has dated in the past. Garrett starts to pursue her with the single minded focus that made him successful in the business world and in his personal life with Club Altura.

At first garret is afraid to introduce her to his lifestyle of adrenaline activities. He sees something in her and wants to break past the box she has placed herself in. The more time he spends with her the more he realizes that he is starting to care for her. Selby knows that Garrett is hot and not like the guys she usually dates. But she can’t seem to help herself from going out with him. Being afraid to take risks she realizes that Garrett could be the biggest risk of all.

I really loved Garrett and Selby’s story.  Garret is not your typical Billionaire playboy. Yes he is rich…but he wasn’t born that way he worked hard for what he has. Selby is an extremely intelligent and beautiful woman. But socially…she has contained herself. After suffering a traumatic experience when she was a child she is not willing to step out of her comfort zone socially.   Through Selby’s own determination and assistance from Garret she breaks free of the life she has lived for year

Carnal Risk is a great start to a new series and I can’t wait to read the next one.

Because I love it so much I want to give an e-book copy away. Please leave a comment and I will pick a winner.


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Carnal Risk by Kym Grosso


Powerful CEO, Garrett Emerson’s, life and corporation are built on a foundation of risk taking and top secret priorities.  He works hard, but plays even harder. When tragedy strikes, the charismatic and sexy billionaire takes the gamble of his life by bringing a beautiful consultant into his inner sanctum, exposing her to his exclusive society of extreme athletes who are adventurous both in business and pleasure.  Inexplicably drawn to the intriguing woman, Garrett teaches her to face her fears, bringing them both to new levels of ecstasy.

Selby Reynolds, a high profile technology specialist, reluctantly accepts an engagement at Emerson Industries. Discovering secrets and uncovering clues to a murder, she’s swept into Garrett’s dangerous but seductive life of luxury.  Captivated by the world renowned capitalist and adventurer, she’s convinced he could crush her heart. As he pushes her sexual limits and their erotic play intensifies, Selby finds it impossible to resist the one man who turns her darkest fantasies into a reality.

When Selby’s life is threatened by a killer, carnal lessons of trust are put to the test, forcing them to choose who is friend and who is foe. Can Selby give her heart to a man who revels in the excitement of flirting with death?  Will they prevail against an enemy who threatens to tear apart Garrett’s world, including the fragile connection with the woman he seeks to claim as his own?

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ARC Review of Naughty King by Michelle A. Valentine


Alexander King is one of the most successful business men in NYC. He is also devastatingly handsome and quite a jerk. He is currently working to purchase Buchanan Industries. As he is working on the deal he has agreed to let Margo Buchannan work for him. Margo is working for Alexander because she is trying to find a way to stop the sale of her father’s company.  She is extremely intelligent and very beautiful. A dangerous combination. Together Alexander and Margo can be unstoppable…if they can get over their mutual hatred for each other.

 While I was reading the first few chapters I wasn’t sure if I would like the book as it took me a while to warm up to Alexander. He is a real ass and it’s hard to see past the exterior that he portrays to the world. The veneer starts to slip when he is with Margo and you can see that there is a complex man underneath.  Margo knows that she shouldn’t be with him not only for his behavior but because he is trying to destroy her father’s company. But there chemistry is off the charts and she can’t stay away.

Alexander and Margo throughout the story have this love/hate relationship. It works for them and creates this a fabulous story that I really came to enjoy. Rounding out the story is Alexander’s friend Yamada who offers many hilarious moments.  The book ends with one of the most OMG moments that I have read in a while and I can’t imagine what’s going to happen with Alexander and Margo next!

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My favorite two favorite lines from the book –  

“I’m Alexander King and I can do whatever the fuck I please…”

It’s hard to admit that the man you love to hate can make you feel so incredibly good.

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Just when I don’t think I can take another second, he stops his delicious torture and stands as he switches off the vibrator.With quick movements, he releases both of my wrists from the shackles before pulling them one at a time to his mouth. He inhales deeply like he’s trying to commit my scent to memory as he presses soft kisses to my flesh. He stares down at me with a grin. “I love seeing that satisfied look on your face but don’t get too comfortable. We’re just getting started.”Oh my.My heart flutters with anticipation. If this was just the appetizer, dinner might damn near kill me.

Forever in My Heart (Tangled Hearts, #2) by Maria K. Alexander


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Super-hot alpha male…check. Nosy Italian family…check. Beautiful love story…check. Forever in my heart by

 Maria K Alexander has it all!

 When Jamie DiSilva returns home from the military he finds a family in shambles and a community that wants nothing to do with him. Looking to get his construction company off the ground he and his friend Tristan have been visiting local business hoping to jobs but with the DiSilva name it seems that all doors are closed. He decides to approach Vicky DeFrancesco his old girlfriend. When he enters Decadent DeLites he sees Vicky again for the first time in 10 years and realizes that she is still the one. But getting her to go out with him is proving to be the hardest mission of his life. 

Vicky DeFrancesco, the baby of the family has finally struck out on her own to pursue her dream of owning a bakery in her hometown of Philadelphia. Business is picking up at Decadent DeLites and she is looking to update the bakery as it used to be her families pizzeria. Not sure how she can afford the renovations, help comes in the unwelcome form of Jamie DiSilva. Not only is he her former flame he is a member of the family that nearly destroyed hers. Vicky realizes that she is still attracted to Jamie but how can she be with a DiSilva? Some things happen that requires Vicky to have Jamie’s protection for a few weeks…can she fight the attraction that burns brighter now that they are adults when all she wants to do is run the other way.

I truly enjoyed this story. Vicky and Jamie are two wonderful characters that tugged at my heart. In order for them to get together (and have a relationship) they have to maneuver through many different obstacles in both their personal and professional life. Jamie is willing to give them a chance but Vicky proves to be a little more reluctant. But through some twists and turns Jamie and Vicky do get their HEA!

My favorite line of the story – “All work and no play makes Vicky a grumpy and sexually frustrated woman”

I hope to read more of this author’s in the future. There are many other characters in the book that I hope will have their own story soon!

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Pre-Order Vampire Trouble by Sara Humphreys!

9781402274091-300VAMPIRE TROUBLE…. A fledgling vampire ignites a war…Maya remembers the last moments of her life as a human with haunting clarity, and every man she meets pays the price…until Shane. Finding herself in the middle of a bloody fight between vampires and werewolves, Maya has no choice but to let the devastatingly sexy vampire guard get close to her. And that’s not all that heats up…Shane Quesada, a four-century-old vampire sentry, is known for his cold, unemotional precision, but once Maya begins to invade his dreams, his world is changed forever. His job to protect her is swiftly replaced by the all-consuming need to claim her as his own.

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Praise for Tall, Dark, and Vampire (Dead in the City #1):

“Shines with fascinating new characters… from the very talented Humphreys!” —RT Book Reviews, 4½ Stars, Top Pick of the Month   “Laughter, action and a steamy love story.” —Long and Short Reviews   “Riveting, outstandingly written… A must read for all vampire lovers.” —Bitten by Love Reviews   “Engaging… Humphreys skillfully blends intrigue and romance.” —Publishers Weekly front bookmark

Devil’s Game by Joanna Wylde


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Joanna Wylde has delivered a scorching hot story with Devil’s game, her third book in the Reaper’s MC series.

Emmy Lou Hayes is Picnic’s daughter, who is the President of the Reaper’s MC. She has grown up around the MC lifestyle and has had to put up with a very overprotective father. She is finally looking to spread her wings and live life. She heads out of town to Portland and things soon become complicated. While she wanted to experience love and dating she didn’t plan on hooking up with someone from another MC, especially the Devil’s Jacks. But once Em finds out who Hunter really is, can she get passed his deception and decide if he is worth fighting for.

Hunter is a member of the Devil’s Jack’s. He is has been making a name for himself over the years and he has risen within the club. For his new job Hunter is tasked with a going after Em because what better way to go after the enemy is by taking the President’s daughter. When Hunter first sees Em he figures this job will be pretty easy. He soon comes to realize that he is in way over his head. He’s not supposed to fall for the enemy…is he?  

“Em, I really like you. We covered that. I like you enough not play games, Ok.”

 “Well, I’m not her boyfriend. I’m her old man and I’m not gonna let anyone get between us.”

“There are things I don’t like about your club, but they also helped make you who you are. They’re your family, and now my family too. I’m not a civilian and I didn’t fall in love with a stockbroker. I feel in love with a Devil’s Jack.”

Devil’s Game is now my favorite book of the series. Being introduced to Em and Hunter during Reapers Legacy I knew they would be together but I didn’t know how amazing there story would be. Parts of Devil’s Game overlap with Reaper’s Legacy but we now get to see everything from Em’s perspective when she was taken with Sophie. I thought this was a brilliant idea by the author.

Hunter is one super-hunky, badass alpha male. He is tough and has no problem breaking the rules if it helps out his brothers in the Devil’s Jacks. The Devil’s Jacks are the only family he has ever known. He knows that he shouldn’t be attracted to Em because she is the enemy but he is willing to put himself and his reputation and position with the club on the line for her. Couldn’t he get any hotter?

Em has grown up in the MC lifestyle and knows all the good and bad that comes with loving a biker. But loving Hunter goes against all the rules because is he is a member of the Devil’s Jacks. Em is an interesting mix. On one side she is sweet and loyal and the other she is strong and determined. The latter of which wasn’t really seen in the previous books. In Devil’s Game Em really came into her own. Once she finds out whom Hunter really is she is conflicted because of the problems it will cause. But she stands with Hunter and shows that love conquers all.

Devil’s Game is a fabulous addition to the Reaper’s series. I always wonder how an author can top their previous book and Joanna surely did in this one. The book is well written with a lot of action going on. Once I picked up the book I couldn’t put it down. It has fights, jealousy and some super-hot MC men. I can see a whole Devil’s Jacks spin off series! The story also brought a host of new characters that I hope will have books of their own. I can’t wait for the next book in the series! Picnic’s story can’t come soon enough!

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From The Author:

Liam “Hunter” Blake hates the Reapers MC. Born and raised a Devil’s Jack, he knows his duty. He’ll defend his club from their oldest enemies—the Reapers—using whatever weapons he can find. But why use force when the Reapers’ president has a daughter who’s alone and vulnerable? Hunter has wanted her from the minute he saw her, and now he has an excuse to take her.

Em has lived her entire life in the shadow of the Reapers. Her overprotective father, Picnic, is the club’s president. The last time she had a boyfriend, Picnic shot him. Now the men in her life are far more interested in keeping her daddy happy than showing her a good time. Then she meets a handsome stranger—a man who isn’t afraid to treat her like a real woman. One who isn’t afraid of her father. His name is Liam, and he’s The One. Or so she thinks.