Diamonds & Spurs (Callens Book 9) by Melody Snow Monroe

Diamonds and Spurs

Mandy Duncan arrives in Intrigue Wyoming after divorcing her husband. For the past few years she has lived a very posh lifestyle, so to say that living and working on a ranch is a change is an understatement. After arriving at the ranch Mandy finds that she likes the hard work and the new friends she makes.  In Intrigue, Mandy hopes that she can have a new life for herself.  Mandy didn’t plan on meeting a new guy (or event two), but fate has a way of changing things.

Vince Callen is a financial adviser for his family and some other individuals in town. He is attracted to Mandy as soon as he sees her on the ranch. He knows he shouldn’t pursue her as she is Sam’s employee but he can’t help the attraction he feels towards her.  Vince can’t wait to share Mandy with his best friend and roommate Cameron Longworth. Cameron is a lawyer and more reserved then Vince.  He recently broke up with his fiance and sees some of her in Mandy. Though Cameron is attracted to Mandy he is hesitant to get to know her because he fears she is like is ex-fiance.

Mandy finds herself attracted to both Vince and Cameron.  As Vince and Cameron work on convincing Mandy that a relationship is possible, Mandy is threatened.  As Vince and Cameron try and locate the source of the threats they also have to work on their relationship with Mandy.

Vince and Cameron are definite eye candy and I wouldn’t mind joining them. I found that Vince and Cameron balance each other out. Vince is more laid back while Cameron is more the go-getter. Mandy is a likable character, she had gone through so much and I felt she came out of her situation stronger for it.  She is a pretty tough woman. Together the three of them are pretty hot. I also like that Mandy was able to be alone with each of them! The story moves pretty quickly (it’s considered a Novella). So if you are looking for a sweet, quick story this is it.

I picked this book up without realizing that it was part of a series. It can be read on its own. I’m sure reads of the series will be glad to see previous characters in the book. I am now going to go back and read the first eight books in the series.

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From the publisher:

Denver socialite Mandy Duncan is on the run from her ex-husband. She knows about his Ponzi scheme, and only she stands between him and jail. He’s determined to stop her from ever talking. Mandy escapes to Samantha Callen’s ranch in Intrigue, Wyoming, and hires on as a wilderness guide. Distrustful of men, Mandy doesn’t want to be attracted to Samantha’s cousin, financial guru Vince Callen, or to his sophisticated lawyer roommate, Cameron Longworth, but she is. Then Cameron and Vince’s ex-fiancée decides she wants them back. When Cameron tells her he’s found someone new, she decides Mandy needs to go. When Mandy is shot, Cameron and Vince won’t let her out of their sight, and their passion explodes. Then she’s kidnapped. Frantic, Cameron and Vince risk it all to save her. How can they convince her to trust her heart again and want a loving ménage relationship? NOVELLA (51K words)