The Warlord’s Wife by Sandra Lake


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The Warlord’s Wife Sandra Lake is a dynamic historical romance that brings to life the magic and excitement of that the Vikings are famous for.

Is one of the best books that I have read in the last year or two. It contains everything that you could want in a story, romance, adventure, intrigue!

Magnus Knutson is in southern Finland for business, he is a  Norse Chief and a very powerful man. He is also looking for a wife to provide him with sons. and though he has looked far and wide he hasn’t found one that appeals to him. On his way to his ships, he sees Lida in the field, tending to her family’s farm. He decides that he wants to marry her and has one of this men approach her family to secure her hand in marriage. Lida is not impressed with Magnus and refuses his offer of marriage. After much prodding from her family she agrees to meet with Magnus to discuss the possibility of marriage. Once there she bargains with him for protection of his name for her daughter from her previous marriage. Magnus is intrigued with Lida and agrees to her demands. They set off the next day for his holdings. Once they arrive in his kingdom Lida and Magnus begin to get to know one and other and while their relationship develops outside forces continuously put obstacles in their paths.

The Warlords Wife was just fabulous. I was immediately taken with Lida as she is such a strong character. Especially for that time period. She was hurt in the past and bargened not for herself but her daughter. She takes a risk on Magnus and it turns out to be the best thing for her. Magnus only wanting a wife to give him a son, not someone he ever saw developing a relationship with. He is surprised how quickly he develops feelings for Lida and also her daughter. They become the two most important people in his life. When Magnus and Lida both realize that they love each other nothing can stand in their way.

The writing in this story is so vivid I felt like I was transported back in history. It was so great! I so hope this series continues.

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