Opening Up (Ink and Chrome Book 1) by Lauren Dane


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Lauren Dane delivers another excellent erotic romance with Opening Up (Ink and Chrome Book 1), the first in her new series. Opening Up is romance at its finest. Lauren Dane truly knows how to craft a story that grabs a reader’s attention and doesn’t let go. This book has everything a reader could want…swoon worthy alpha male, super strong female and scorching hot all delivered with the author’s signature style.

Asa Barrons meets PJ Colman (Penelope Jean)  when she asks to do custom paint work for his custom car shop, Twisted Steel. He is immediately smitten with PJ and who wouldn’t be, She is strong, independent, creative and brassy. What catches Asa attention the most is her age. She is a few years younger than the women he usually dates and he doesn’t think she will enjoy the kind of kink he enjoys in the bedroom …so he puts the breaks on their relationship pretty quickly. PJ takes Asa’s relationship issues in stride even while dealing with some major family issues.  PJ has always struggled to fit in at her family’s tire empire. Her father brutally squashes her idea of bringing her custom ink designs into the business. With no help from her family she sets out on her own to make a name for herself the very male dominated world car world. The more time PJ spends around Asa , the more he realizes that if he doesn’t step up and claim PJ someone else will. Asa claims PJ in a very public way so everyone knows that she is his!

I truly LOVED Opening Up. I have always been a fan of Lauren Dane’s books (I’ve read them all) I truly believe that this is one of the best she has written. Asa is as super-hot alpha male that anyone would love to get in bed with. PJ is one lucky girl as he wants to be with her (PJ describes him so well “so utterly bada and male”. He introduces her to the darker side of the bedroom and the two of them explore their kin side. Each time they are together it gets hotter and hotter!  What I really loved about PJ is that she is a very strong woman. She calls it like its and takes BS from no one including her family. She is beautiful and creative and just an around great person. Her personality is a great compliment to Asa’s broody personality.

In addition to Asa and PJ there are many other characters in the story that bring to life the world in which they live. Duke, Julie and the rest of PJ’s family all make for an amazing story! Can’t wait for the second book in the Ink and Chrome series.

My favorite Quotes:

“Penelope Jean you are a badass. That comes with a price tag. You know it. You’ve chosen this path. Understand it’s strengths and limitations. You have to be twice as good as any man your age. Whether that’s fair or not, that’s reality. “

“There’s some language of flowers stuff that says what color roses mean what things. So I got you all the colors of roses they had because your everything….”

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