Devil’s Game by Joanna Wylde


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Joanna Wylde has delivered a scorching hot story with Devil’s game, her third book in the Reaper’s MC series.

Emmy Lou Hayes is Picnic’s daughter, who is the President of the Reaper’s MC. She has grown up around the MC lifestyle and has had to put up with a very overprotective father. She is finally looking to spread her wings and live life. She heads out of town to Portland and things soon become complicated. While she wanted to experience love and dating she didn’t plan on hooking up with someone from another MC, especially the Devil’s Jacks. But once Em finds out who Hunter really is, can she get passed his deception and decide if he is worth fighting for.

Hunter is a member of the Devil’s Jack’s. He is has been making a name for himself over the years and he has risen within the club. For his new job Hunter is tasked with a going after Em because what better way to go after the enemy is by taking the President’s daughter. When Hunter first sees Em he figures this job will be pretty easy. He soon comes to realize that he is in way over his head. He’s not supposed to fall for the enemy…is he?  

“Em, I really like you. We covered that. I like you enough not play games, Ok.”

 “Well, I’m not her boyfriend. I’m her old man and I’m not gonna let anyone get between us.”

“There are things I don’t like about your club, but they also helped make you who you are. They’re your family, and now my family too. I’m not a civilian and I didn’t fall in love with a stockbroker. I feel in love with a Devil’s Jack.”

Devil’s Game is now my favorite book of the series. Being introduced to Em and Hunter during Reapers Legacy I knew they would be together but I didn’t know how amazing there story would be. Parts of Devil’s Game overlap with Reaper’s Legacy but we now get to see everything from Em’s perspective when she was taken with Sophie. I thought this was a brilliant idea by the author.

Hunter is one super-hunky, badass alpha male. He is tough and has no problem breaking the rules if it helps out his brothers in the Devil’s Jacks. The Devil’s Jacks are the only family he has ever known. He knows that he shouldn’t be attracted to Em because she is the enemy but he is willing to put himself and his reputation and position with the club on the line for her. Couldn’t he get any hotter?

Em has grown up in the MC lifestyle and knows all the good and bad that comes with loving a biker. But loving Hunter goes against all the rules because is he is a member of the Devil’s Jacks. Em is an interesting mix. On one side she is sweet and loyal and the other she is strong and determined. The latter of which wasn’t really seen in the previous books. In Devil’s Game Em really came into her own. Once she finds out whom Hunter really is she is conflicted because of the problems it will cause. But she stands with Hunter and shows that love conquers all.

Devil’s Game is a fabulous addition to the Reaper’s series. I always wonder how an author can top their previous book and Joanna surely did in this one. The book is well written with a lot of action going on. Once I picked up the book I couldn’t put it down. It has fights, jealousy and some super-hot MC men. I can see a whole Devil’s Jacks spin off series! The story also brought a host of new characters that I hope will have books of their own. I can’t wait for the next book in the series! Picnic’s story can’t come soon enough!

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From The Author:

Liam “Hunter” Blake hates the Reapers MC. Born and raised a Devil’s Jack, he knows his duty. He’ll defend his club from their oldest enemies—the Reapers—using whatever weapons he can find. But why use force when the Reapers’ president has a daughter who’s alone and vulnerable? Hunter has wanted her from the minute he saw her, and now he has an excuse to take her.

Em has lived her entire life in the shadow of the Reapers. Her overprotective father, Picnic, is the club’s president. The last time she had a boyfriend, Picnic shot him. Now the men in her life are far more interested in keeping her daddy happy than showing her a good time. Then she meets a handsome stranger—a man who isn’t afraid to treat her like a real woman. One who isn’t afraid of her father. His name is Liam, and he’s The One. Or so she thinks.



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