Hard Time by Cara McKenna


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Hard Time is an interesting story that I was pleasantly surprised with. Annie Goodhouse is a librarian and part of her role is to conduct outreach at the local county jail. She is very nervous at first and is unsure how things will go. But she struggles through her fear and comes to enjoy the time there as she sees the changes in these men. Through her daily interactions she meets Eric Collier. While attracted to him she knows nothing can come of it. Eric is captivated by the new librarian. He soon starts to send her letters and they begin a secret romance. Eric’s situation changes and he is now facing parole.  

Overall I thought it was a good book. Hard Time is a unique romance story as it has with one of the main characters being in jail for most of the story. When Eric is released he tells Annie that he will leave her alone because this was a surprise to both of them. Annie is undecided on how she feels about Eric. On one hand she is attracted to him and would like to have a relationship. But she has been hurt in the past so she is fearful of being with someone that has been convicted for a violent crime.  Eric and Annie happen to run into each other in the small town several times and because of this they realize that their attraction cannot be ignored. They soon start to explore their relationship but what will happen when Eric’s past threatens their future! Hard Time is a story about second changes and finding love in the least expected places.

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From The Author:

Annie Goodhouse doesn’t need to be told to stay away from bad boys—an abusive ex taught her that lesson well. So when she steps into her new role as the outreach librarian for Cousins Correctional Facility, the last thing she’s worried about is misplacing of her good sense. Except after one look into the dark eyes of inmate 2267, all the logic in the world can’t seem to save her.Unlike some men in Cousins, Eric Collier won’t tell you he was wrongly convicted. He did his crime, and though it wasn’t pretty, he’d do it again if that’s what it took to keep his family safe. Loyalty and brute force are what he understands. That, and the way Annie sucks the air from his lungs every time she enters a room.He courts her in letters, their romance a reckless secret, an exchange of promises neither expects to keep—until suddenly Eric is facing parole, far sooner than he’d dare hope. On the outside waits a woman who fears their attraction as much as she thrives on it, and a past hell-bent on ruining his plans to become the man she deserves. An impossible choice—loyalty to the family he’d fight to the death for, or the trust of the woman he can’t imagine living without.



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