Fighting Love by Abby Niles



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Fighting Love is the story of Tommy “Lightning” Sparks who was on top of the world and now has to pick up the pieces when his world imploded.

Tommy has lost everything…and I mean everything. Through a series of unfortunate events he comes to stay with his best friend Julie Rogers until he can get back on his feet. Though he’s been friends with Julie for years, he hasn’t spent so much time with her in one location for quite a while. He soon starts to see her in a new light…as an attractive women. Confused by his thoughts he tries to ignore his feelings but once Julie starts going out on a few dates with a fellow fighter Tommy can’t ignore his feelings anymore. He realizes that Julia is worth getting to know on a whole new level.

I enjoyed Fighting Love and really liked Julie. I must admit that part of me wanted her to forget about Tommy and go for a relationship with Brody I just felt that she wasted to many years on Tommy and deserved to be with someone that really liked her. Tommy I can take him or leave him. He is an all-around nice guy, attractive BUT a total player who has missed out on being with Julie because he was blinded by the junk in front of him. Several times he pushed her away because he couldn’t make up his mind and it drove me a little nuts. When they finally did get together it was like FINALLY! Tommy does really care for her and it was great to see them together at the end.

“You’re my best friend, my past, my present, and my future. I love you, Tommy ‘Lightning’ Sparks.”

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From The Author:

Talk about kicking a fighter while he’s down.

Former Middleweight champion and confirmed bachelor Tommy “Lightning” Sparks has lost it all: his belt, his career, and now his home. After the devastating fire, he moves in with his drama-free best friend, Julie. One encounter changes everything and Julie is no longer the girl he’s spent his life protecting but a desirable woman he wants to take to his bed. Knowing his reputation, he’s determined to protect Julie more than ever—from himself. Veterinarian Julie Rogers has been in love with Tommy since she was ten, but would love to get overthe man. She’s quiet nights at home and a glass of wine. He’s clubbing all night and shots of tequila. As friends they work great. As a couple? No way in hell. She just can’t get her heart to agree. When she starts spending time with another fighter, the man who’s always treated her like a sister is suddenly not being very brotherly and enflames her body like never before. Can two childhood friends make a relationship work, or will they lose everything because they stopped FIGHTING LOVE.


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