ARC Review of The Untamed Mackenzie by Jennifer Ashley

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The Untamed Mackenzie is a short story by Jennifer Ashley. I was excited to read this story because I was looking forward to reading about Inspector Lloyd Fellows. As the bas son of the Duke I was hoping for his own story I must say that I was disappointed in its length. I felt that the book was to short and rushed.

Finally knowing the members of the Mackenzie family Inspector Lloyd Fellows is slowly starting to join the family gatherings. He is widely known around London as a competency and intelligent police officer. His newest case involves Isabella’s sister Louisa Scranton.  Having an attraction to Louisa he determines to find her innocent. Louisa Scranton is accused of Murder at a tea party…she turns to Inspector Lloyd Fellows. Louisa is attracted to Lloyd and hopes that he will assist her in proving her innocence. Because Louisa is such a high profile suspect and Lloyd’s family is involved his supervisor gives him a time frame to solve the case or he will be removed.  Lloyd and Louisa are now racing against time to solve the mystery. What follows is typical for the Mackenzie family as many families members get involved, especially Daniel and things get a little rowdy at times.

Again I must say that I really wanted a full length novel for Lloyd. I really thought he should have had one. There was so much more to him than what we saw in this short story. Louisa was an ok character she was a sweet girl but there was nothing striking about her. I did enjoy that Daniel was more in this book, he will definitely be a character to read about.  All in all not a bad book but nothing like the Jennifer Ashley Mackenzie books I have come to love. If you need a filler in between your next book this is it.

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From the Author:


To redeem her family’s disgraced name, Lady Louisa Scranton has decided to acquire a proper husband. He needs to be a man of fortune and highly respectable in order to restore both her family’s lost wealth and reputation. She enters the Marriage Mart with all flags flying, determined to find the right bachelor.

But Louisa’s hopes are dashed when the Bishop of Hargate drops dead at her feet—and she is shockingly accused of murder! Soon, Louisa’s so-called friends begin shunning her, because the company of a suspected killer is never desirable in polite society.

The problem comes to the ears of Detective Inspector Lloyd Fellows, by-blow of the decadent Scottish Mackenzie family and an inspector for Scotland Yard. He has shared two passionate kisses with Lady Louisa–and vows to clear her name. For not only does he know she’s innocent, he recognizes he’s falling for the lovely lady.

Fellows is Louisa’s only hope of restoring her family’s honor—and it is he alone who intrigues Louisa in a way that may be even more scandalous than murder…



ARC Review of Elect (Eagle Elite) by Rachel Van Dyken



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Elect takes you deeper into the workings of Nixon and his “family”. I was surprised at how much I liked this Elect  compared to the Elite. I think it is because all the characters have been established and the story really took off from the first chapter. In Elect we learn that the Abandonato family as well as the other “families” have many secrets. Some that people will kill to keep secret. Nixon is determined to protect Trace and his family. As he begins to uncover horrific family secrets he begins to put a plan into place that while protects Trace could ultimately hurt him.

Nixon finally epitomized the definition of “head of the family” as he had to make several unsavory choices to protect those he cares about. I was finally able to get more information about Nixon and I saw beyond the shallow exteriors he showed in the first book and for that I actually came to like him. He really does love trace…I mean really loves her.

Chase definitely gets the most worked over in this story. As Nixon’s best friend he is charged with keeping Trace safe, so he becomes her bodyguard and accompanies her everywhere. The more time he spends with her the more he realizes that this feelings are moving from friends into something else. As Chase realizes his feelings are changing he also begins to feel overwhelming guilt because Trace is his best friends girl.

Trace is put in a horrible position as well when she has to choose between Nixon and Chase. I felt horrible for her and couldn’t imagine what I would do faced with the same choices. I was disappointed that there were no chapters in Trace’s points of view. I think it would have been very beneficial to the story.

Speaking of points of view,  I was really surprised with Phoenix’s point of view but came to respect him (rather than totally despise) after his history was shared. What I was really happy about was that the story had an ending. The consequences of Nixon’s choices were revealed and I felt that everything worked out as it should. The additional characters (Mil, Tex, etc.) play a good part in rounding out Nixon’s “family”. I am interested to see if there will be a story about Mo…it would be very interesting. I also hope that Chase gets his story and finally the girl that is made for him. If you are looking for gritty, action filled romance than Elect is it.

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From the Author:

Would you die for the one you love?
Nixon Abandonato made his choice. And now he has to pay the price. Tracey is the love of his life, but being with him has made her a target of his family’s enemies. The only way to keep Trace alive is convince the world she means nothing to him.

Trace Rooks has fallen irrevocably in love with the son of her family’s sworn rival, and she knows in her bones nothing can tear them apart. Until Nix suddenly pushes her away and into the arms of his best friend… But Trace isn’t ready to give up on a future with Nix–and if he won’t fight for them, she will.

In the end, a sacrifice must be made. A life for a life. For what better way to cover a multitude of sins than with the blood of a sinner . .


Holly Frigging Matrimony by Emma Chase


Holy Frigging Matrimony (Tangled 1.5) by Emma Chase is a 40 page short story to follow up Tangled.

I enjoyed reading Tangled over the summer and was very interested in reading this short story when I heard it was available.The story takes place about a year after the end of Tangled and is from Drew’s point of view. It takes place at the wedding of Drew and Katie’s friends, Matthew and Delores.

Drew is still working on his relationship with Kate but he still has his insecurities about Kate’s relationship with her ex Billy.There is a fight between Billy and Drew during the cocktail hour. After Drew talks to Kate and his sister Alexandra, he decides to make the best of the situation and be friendly with Billy. Over drinks Billy tells Drew that Kate has been happier with Drew than when she was with Billy.

There are a couple of very funny scenes as well, including how Delores gets her revenge on Drew and Billy for causing a scene at her wedding.  I am looking forward to reading the next installment in the series Twisted (Tangled #2) which will be released in March of 2014.

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What does Drew Evans have to say next? Find out in this forty page short story, filled with his sexy charm, unique advice and hilarious one-liners.Marriage: the final frontier. Steven went first. He was kind of our test subject. Like those monkeys that NASA sent off into space in the fifties, all the while knowing they’d never make it back.

And now another poor rocket is ready to launch.But this isn’t just any posh New York wedding. You’ve seen my friends, you’ve met our families, you know you’re in for a treat. Everyone wants their wedding to be memorable. This one’s going to be un-frigging-forgettable.Holy Frigging Matrimony takes place about a year after Tangled’s end and is from Drew’s POV


ARC Review of Full Throttle by Erin McCarthy


What happens when female race car driver Shawn Hamby meets driver Rhett ford at a club…sparks fly in Erin’s newest story!

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Shawn is out with her friends to experience a fetish club; a place she doesn’t believe actually exists outside of a good romance novel. While at the club she meets Rhett Ford…handsome and sexy Rhett Ford.   She leaves Rhett at the club with no plans on seeing him again, so she is surprised when he shows up at her office.  After a really long day she realizes that Rhett may be the answer to all her problems. 

After meeting Shawn at his local club; Rhett is immediately smitten with her. As he is trying to get her number she abruptly leaves with her girlfriends.  The next day he is surprised to find out that she is friends with his sister in law Eve. Once he finds out her identity he shows up at her race car track with the intention of getting her into bed.  After hearing Shawn’s proposition he immediately agrees though he adds a stipulation of his own. What starts out as a business deal soon becomes personal between them.

While Full Throttle is advertised as a sports story, I felt that the real story is the relationship between Shawn and Rhett. Shawn and Rhett fall hard and fast. Both of them struggle with the changes in their relationship. For Shawn its two things…first are the age difference between the two. It takes her a while to get over it. The other is the control, Rhett is asking for her to submit. For a very independent woman like Shawn it’s a challenge for her. Towards the end of the story she realizes that she can still be Shawn Hamby race car driver and submit to Rhett. Rhett realizes pretty quickly that he is head over heels in love with Shawn and is not sure how he can get her to see that they are great together.

I found this story to be a light and easy read. Many of the series characters join Shawn and Rhett for their wild ride. If you are a fan of Erin’s books it’s a great addition to the series.

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