ARC Review of Full Throttle by Erin McCarthy


What happens when female race car driver Shawn Hamby meets driver Rhett ford at a club…sparks fly in Erin’s newest story!

TBorges_TheBookClub_rating (3)TBorges_TheBookClub_wa (3)

Shawn is out with her friends to experience a fetish club; a place she doesn’t believe actually exists outside of a good romance novel. While at the club she meets Rhett Ford…handsome and sexy Rhett Ford.   She leaves Rhett at the club with no plans on seeing him again, so she is surprised when he shows up at her office.  After a really long day she realizes that Rhett may be the answer to all her problems. 

After meeting Shawn at his local club; Rhett is immediately smitten with her. As he is trying to get her number she abruptly leaves with her girlfriends.  The next day he is surprised to find out that she is friends with his sister in law Eve. Once he finds out her identity he shows up at her race car track with the intention of getting her into bed.  After hearing Shawn’s proposition he immediately agrees though he adds a stipulation of his own. What starts out as a business deal soon becomes personal between them.

While Full Throttle is advertised as a sports story, I felt that the real story is the relationship between Shawn and Rhett. Shawn and Rhett fall hard and fast. Both of them struggle with the changes in their relationship. For Shawn its two things…first are the age difference between the two. It takes her a while to get over it. The other is the control, Rhett is asking for her to submit. For a very independent woman like Shawn it’s a challenge for her. Towards the end of the story she realizes that she can still be Shawn Hamby race car driver and submit to Rhett. Rhett realizes pretty quickly that he is head over heels in love with Shawn and is not sure how he can get her to see that they are great together.

I found this story to be a light and easy read. Many of the series characters join Shawn and Rhett for their wild ride. If you are a fan of Erin’s books it’s a great addition to the series.

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