Tempt Me Underbelly Chronicles Book Three By Tamara Hogan



Bailey Brown is a computer genius. She has been working for Sebastiani Security for the past few years. In addition to this she has also been on probation for a computer crime that happened ten years ago. With her freedom now in her hands she can focus on her work of keeping Sebastiani Security safe from outside threats. Her boss and good friend Lex sends her on a vacation to their remote mountain cabin because he feels that she needs a break from her computer. Bailey didn’t plan on seeing Rafe at the cabin so to say she is surprised is an understatement!

Rafe is back at the cabin because he is working on the last few pieces for his show. Rafe is an artist and found himself on a tight deadline an important art show is coming up fast but he doesn’t have the pieces completed. He is not happy to find someone at the cabin with him, when he finds out its Bailey…things begin to get interesting.

While Bailey and Rafe try and figure out what’s going on with them as a couple…they now have to deal with an old acquaintances of Bailey’s…another hacker who is out to hurt her.

Rafe and Bailey together are wonderful. I found Rafe to be very sensual and while he is a sex demon that is only part of his attraction. Together with his art he is a very attractive package. It took him a while to come to grips with his attraction/love for Bailey but when he finally realized it…when he looks all the sculptures…he went full on after her. Yeah Rafe!

Bailey is an interesting mix of strength and stupidity. She is a highlight intelligent person but sometimes she made really dumb choices when it came to her health and how she treated Rafe. While I understand that her upbringing clouded a lot of her judgment there were times where she got on my nerves. I wanted to shake her so she would admit that she loved Rafe already.

While this Tempt Me is book three in the Underbelly Chronicles I did not read the previous two. So while it’s not necessary to have read them it will make things a little clearer if you do. 

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From the author

A sex demon and a preacher’s kid? Heaven forbid! Technology whiz Bailey Brown is one of two humans alive who knows a very important secret: that humanity has shared their planet with paranormals for millennia. When an obsessed hacker from her past threatens to expose the secret, Bailey and her Sebastiani Security colleagues must use every weapon at their disposal to stop him. The stakes couldn’t be higher, and she can’t let herself be distracted by her boss’s gorgeous brother, even if he is temptation incarnate…Incubus sculptor Rafe Sebastiani hasn’t produced a decent nude in over a year, since he made the most selfish mistake of his life: sleeping with Bailey Brown. Now, with a deadline looming, his cranky muse has finally allowed him to express his memories of that incendiary night in clay. But when his brother asks him to pose as Bailey’s lover to provoke her dangerous ex, he jumps at the chance…to sculpt her, to protect her, and to earn the right to tempt her—and only her—for the rest of their lives…


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