Spirit Me Away by Patricia A. Rasey


Luke Braden just realized that he is a ghost. He died while having sex in his condo and has been stuck there, unable to leave.

Six months have passed and Holly Andrews has moved into the condo. She has decided she wants to start a new life that doesn’t involve a man. Especially after finding her boyfriend of two years Derek having sex with another co-worker of theirs in his office.

Holly starts unpacking her things and Luke starts talking to her. Not only can she hear him, but she can also see and feel him and Luke can read her thoughts. Through a series of events Luke and Holly find that they become attracted to and have feelings for each other. There are periods of time that Luke vanishes, Holly is alone and she starts to miss him. There is definitely a romance brewing between the two of them and they both wish that he was a flesh and blood man.

I loved this story, especially the ending. It might be considered a novella but it is a complete and beautiful story with a ghost who saves the day.


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From the Author:

Luke Braden was having the best sex of his life one moment, and the next he’s stuck in his apartment as a…ghost. No one to talk with, no one that can see him. That is until Holly stumbles into his life, or there lack of. Things are about to get way more interesting. Holly Andrews is excited to get her first place, to move beyond the walls of her parent’s house and set out on her own. Nothing can dampen the spirit though, like finding out the place is haunted. And if that isn’t bad enough, the hot and sexy ghost has one thing on his mind…seduction. “As with romantic ghost stories you wonder how there can ever be a happy ever after with one alive and one dead. I have to say I loved the ending. If you’re looking for a sexy ghost to make your girly bits tingle Luke is the ghost for you.”


RAW by Jo Davis


RAW is a novella that features Anna Claire a restaurant owner in NYC. Anna works all the time and has very little left for personal relationships. She finds herself attracted to her sous-chef Grayson James.  Things become hot and heavy between Anna and Gray pretty quickly. Together they generate some pretty good heat.

I really liked Gray, I could totally understand why he needed go undercover at Anna’s restaurant. As he gets closer to her he realizes that she has nothing to do with his case and soon starts to fall for her. I felt Gray is a good guy who is trying to do the right thing by going after the criminals. Unfortunately his love life gets caught in the cross-hairs. Gray still wants to be with Anna even though she found out that he lied to her. He vows to go after her and get her back.

Anna Claire’s character didn’t really do much for me. I think my biggest issue with her is that she jumps from one guy to the next. She has been seeing Gray until she finds out that he lied to her. She is devastated by this and has to leave town to think about what she is going to do.  While she is away in Aruba she runs into Joaquin Delacruz. From the brief meeting we have of them she appears to hook up with him pretty quickly. What bothers me is that if she was starting to fall in love with Gray how can she just get together with Joaquin. I think the story would have made more sense if both Gray and Joaquin were pursuing her at the same time.

The author has decided that the readers will have the chance to pick which guy Anna chooses to be with. I think this is an interesting concept, I don’t know how it will work. I foresee some people being very happy while other people being very upset, depending on who they voted for. With that being said…I thought the book was just…ok. I have read many other books of the author and this one didn’t get my attention as much as the other stories. But I firmly believe that if the book sounds interesting to you than you should pick it up because your opinion could be different than mine.

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From the Publisher:

TORN BETWEEN TWO LOVERS is a gripping and sexy romance trilogy with a unique twist: Our heroine needs your help to decide who wins her heart… RAW introduces this sizzling new series, in which two enticing men will vie for Anna’s heart–culminating in a choice that will be determined by reader vote! Anna Claire is a prominent restaurateur, the toast of New York. She’s not one to let down her guard, but her new prep chef is gorgeous enough to cause her to break her own rules, and soon she’s tearing up the sheets with Grayson James. More than that, she’s falling in love. Until she discovers that Grayson is no chef. He’s an FBI agent investigating a drug ring he suspects is using her restaurant. Anna is shattered to learn she was just part of his cover. The case means everything to Gray, right until the moment he loses what matters the most–not his intended target, but Anna. Gray is devastated when the woman he loves learns of his betrayal. Especially with his greatest enemy all too eager to take advantage of her…