Play Me by Diane Alberts

play me

Kiersten Worth has sworn off dating! She was engaged and planning her wedding when she found her fiancé cheating on her. Since then she has no interest in dating or marriage. What she does want is some hot and steamy! One night when her friend Garret is over she decides to take a chance and hope he agrees to go to bed with her.

Garret Kelly is the local middle school basketball coach. He has had a crush on Kiersten for years. His best friend Mike (who is Kirsten’s brother) has tried to tell him to get over it but Garret can’t seem to let her go. One night things happen between them that changes the course of their friendship.

I liked Garret, he is a really nice, sweet sexy guy. Don’t get me wrong, he is totally handsome. But I really see him as that sweet guy next door. I felt bad for him when Kiersten kept pushing him away. But I could understand her reluctance to be in a relationship (with anyone really). She was afraid to trust another man (I would too!). Kiersten is also afraid of bringing another man into her life because of her nephew Chris(who she raised since he was a baby, when her sister died).But Garret slowly and surely pulls down her defenses and convinces her to take another change on love.

 “I care about you enough to wait for you – but I can’t wait for you with you”

Kiersten is very sensible, sweet and serious… scared also (I found all s words!). It took a little while for me to warm up to her. I think because she kept pushing Garret away. But she grew on me as the story went on. She was looking out for her heart and her son. Her son Chris, is adorable. When he starts talking about Modern Family…I laughed so much.

The dialogue was well written and felt very real. Loved her brother Mike in the story, some of his comments were so funny (I hope he gets his own story)! Favorite Mike Comment – “But she’s hot. That throws the crazy scale askew”!! Play Me is a sweet romance that makes you root for the couple to get their happy ending.

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