All Out of Love (A Cupid Texas Novel) by Lori Wilde


Pierce Hollister quarterback and cowboy…what more should I say! Well there is a whole lot…so keep reading.

With All Out of Love, Lori brings us back to Cupid Texas for her second book in the series. Cupid Texas is famous for people leaving Dear Cupid love letters in a special box at the town’s Botanical Gardens. The letters are usually answered by a group of volunteers, with the answers published in the weekly circular. Each letter is supposed to be anonymous.

For Lace Bettingfield, her letter to Cupid became talk of the town when she was fourteen. A letter she never intended for anyone to see became front page news of her high school paper! Her crush on the school’s Quarterback, Pierce Hollister was now wildly known and she was ridiculed by everyone.

 Twelve years later Lace Bettingfield is the Director of the Botanical Gardens.  A lover of plants and insects all her life it was a natural choice for her to move home after graduating from Texas A & M. Lace also assists with the Cupid Letter Writing Committee that answers the Dear Cupid letters (I thought this was interesting, considering what happened to her).

 Pierce Hollister couldn’t wait to leave high school and the small town of Cupid Texas. He played football in college and went onto become a successful NFL Quarterback with the Dallas Cowboys. An injury in one of his games forces him to return to Cupid. Pierce comes face to face with Lace and can’t believe the changes in her. He is instantly attracted to her and begins a slow and steady pursuit of her.

 I fell in love with Lacey as soon as I read her letter to Cupid when she was fourteen! All Out of Love is a delightful story about finding true love when you least expect it (and with the person you never thought it would be)! Lace is a great example of an intelligent and confident woman.  And she doesn’t have to be a size four (she is a 14, which rocks!) to be found beautiful by a sexy man. She is a great example of a real woman!!!

 Pierce definitely has a little bit of an ego, he doesn’t seem to believe that Lace isn’t into him, (who isn’t right?! he’s the QB for the Dallas Cowboys!).  Pierce is hot and charming and a total ladies’ man. He has been identified for so long as a football player, he is now struggling with who he is off the field. Can he be someone other than a football star, a cowboy perhaps?

As the story progresses, Pierce falls for Lace pretty quickly and tries to get her to have a relationship. Lace loves Pierce though she denies it and hides behind witty sarcasm throughout the story.  I think the reason for this is that she is also afraid to take a change on him because she fears that he will leave Cupid again and her as well. If I was Lace I would petrified and excited at the same time! The scene with them in her greenhouse is just Hot, Hot, Hot!!! I was cheering for Lace throughout the whole story.

Lori writes stories with such great humor to them. Foreplay in plant and football terms…so funny!   I couldn’t help but smile as I read this.  In addition to Pierce and Lace, there are a whole cast of characters that make this a wonderful story.  I have a list of people that I hope get their own stories (Malcolm to name one!).

My favorite quote from the story…

“Ah, my Lace,” he whispered. “My beautiful, beautiful, Lace.”

All Out of Love is another great addition to the Cupid Texas series; I can’t wait to read more from Lori!

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