Thunderstruck by Kendall Grace

Thunderstruck by Kendall Grace


Hawk (Silent) Stephens is a horse trainer in GA. For Hawk growing up in rural Georgia as part Apache wasn’t easy. He was always treated differently. Things changed for him when he became famous for taming a very unruly horse. Thunder brings him money and fame; now everyone in his small town (women) wants a piece of him.  He is at a point in his life where he wants more than the easy women that are interested in his money.

Josephine Daniels moves to Georgia to a house she purchased sight unseen; to make a change in her life. Jo comes from Arizona and a very politically connected family. She has finally started to live life for herself, making choices that she wants rather than what her family wants.  When her neighbor Hawk stops by to introduce himself, Jo is immediately attracted to him. While Hawk is ready to move things along between them, Jo is still somewhat shy about dating again. Hawk sees in Jo his other half and realizes that he has to reel her in the way he does his horses, slow and steady.

I enjoyed Thunderstruck. This was my first book by the author and I felt it was a great story. I found the characters refreshing.  Hawk and Jo actually talked with each other; their relationship was slow to build but it developed into something sweet. Jo needed to trust herself and Hawk. Hawk is quite the man; I was interested in him right away. Between Hawk and Jo they knew how to heat up the sheets!  I liked Jo she came across a little shy in the beginning but as the story moved on she grew into a strong women. She had to make some hard choices in the book and I don’t know if I would have done the same. But regardless of what Jo’s choices were, she did them for love. There are definitely some surprises in the book that I wasn’t expecting but they worked out really well. Thunderstruck is a really sweet romance with two great characters.


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