Entwined With You



Entwined With You

Sylvia Day

Entwined With You


So I was lucky enough to get an early copy of Entwined with You because I attend Book Expo America on June 1, 2013. Sylvia Day was there signing copies to a long line of excited readers and I was lucky enough to be one of them!!!!
I started reading the book on Sunday evening and couldn’t put it down. I took it work on Monday; read it on the train, during lunch and all my breaks, then stayed up all Monday night finishing the book. I am sooo exhausted but…it was totally worth it. I think this is the best book of the series.
Eva and Gideon and their emotional roller-coaster that is their relationship continue in Entwined With You. I just truly love Eva and Gideon together. I truly feel their relationship as a couple evolves during this book. Eva and Gideon talk to each, share stories and secrets (and surprises, OMG the surprises). I feel they start to develop a stronger foundation for their relationship.
There are still outside factors conspiring against them and they continue to work their way through their relationship. But as a couple I think they are stronger then they have ever been. The book has all the hot steamy scenes that I have come to really enjoy about them. Gideon is his domineering self and I just so love that in him. He really cares for Eva and wants to take care of her.
Entwined with you is the perfect title for the book as it in my opinion represents their relationship. Eva and Gideon’s lives are so entwined with each other that it’s hard to find where one ends and the others stars. But as crazy and extreme as their relationship has been, it works for them. They fit…their entwined.
There is no release date for book 4 in the series, but any date is still not soon enough. Sylvia Day has delivered another fabulous book in the Crossfire series.



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