Fever by Maya Banks

Fever (The Breathless Trilogy #2)

Maya Banks


Fever was… ok and that surprises me. I have always enjoyed Maya Bank’s books and consider her one of my favorite authors. But when I finished this book my first thought was “eh”.  I read it a second time and found a few more things to enjoy about the book. But overall the story was just ok.

Jace sees Bethany at a party and is instantly attracted to her. He wants to pursue her; the only hitch in his plans is that he shares all his women with his best friend Ash. With Bethany, Jace doesn’t want to share, which is a totally new concept for him. In order to get Bethany to spend the night with in Jace reluctantly has Ash join them. After a fulfilling evening, Jace wakes to find Bethany gone from the suite. Jace now scours the NYC to find her. He does and can’t believe what he finds out about her. Jace moves pretty quickly and sets her up in an apartment and has her collared right after that. That is pretty much the entire book in a few sentences (this is pretty much what is printed on the back of the book).

What I did like was Jace and Bethany in bed together. Maya can write a scene that is very steamy! And there are many of them in the book. But I feel that Bethany was just not the right match for Jace, or she could have been if she was a different person (sounds horrible I know, but if you read you will understand). I found her very, very needy. Considering her background I could understand why she was needy…but she just didn’t do it for me. Bethany seemed to take to the BDSM part of their relationship because it provided her with the stability that she needed in her life. I found Jace to be domineering with her to the point of the extreme. He acted like a jerk to Bethany and Ash several times throughout the story.  He needed to be pushed back a little bit and I think if Bethany was a stronger character she could have done that.  I think Bethany could have been a great character if she had risen from her background before she met Jace rather thinking of herself as a better person because she was with him. Maybe I am asking too much, it is fiction after all.  I also felt like this book was a more glamorous version of Colter’s Lady as both Heroines’ in the story have a very similar background.  It felt like the same story just a different place setting.

But like with any story everyone has their own opinion. I am still looking forward to Ash’s book because I do think that Maya is a great author.


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