Come away with me by Kristen Proby

Come Away With Me

Kristen Proby


What to do you get when you combine a photographer with a Hollywood actor (who does not like crowds)…a really great book from Kristen Proby. Come Away With Me is the story of Natalie and Luke. What can I say…I fell in love with Luke Williams and Natalie Connor pretty quickly?

I found out about Come Away with Me because I read Fight With Me first, I loved that one so much I had to go back and start the series in order!

Natalie is a photographer, mostly scenic and couples photography (think boudoir)…I loved the fact that she does couples photography. So hot! She is out taking pictures on the beach in Seattle; when she is being yelled at by Luke who thinks she is taking his photo. He is known for his acting in vampire films when he was younger (Ha Ha, I thought that was so funny) and became quite the leading man. Now He prefers living a quitter life free of the public eye. Luke thinks that Natalie is taking pictures of him and demands that she stops. He quickly comes to realize his mistake when he is in none of the photos.

Natalie and Luke’s relationship develops pretty quickly. They have to work through some trust issues and they come out stronger for it.   It’s great to see a nice guy come out on top! The scenes between them are really intense and I so enjoyed them.  Who wouldn’t want to jump in bed with Luke!

The introduction of the Montgomery & William’s family makes for some really funny moments. I think we will see quite a few books with these characters. Which I am very excited about!

Check out Kristen’s website for more info on this great series.


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