Standoff by Lauren Dane

Standoff  (Cascadia Wolves Book #5) By Lauren Dane

My Review:

Woo Woo, Cade finally gets his story! I have loved Cade Warden from the beginning and I am so happy to read his story. Cade is definitely a drool worthy character, he is the Alpha of Cascadia Pack and tired of sitting at home when other people are in the field. Cade decides to go to Chicago to work on stopping Pellini and the war.

Grace Pellini is Warren’s sister and comes to the wolves with some information to help stop Pellini and his group. She is a doctor and has been working in the lab, so she has access to some important information.  When she meets Cade at this meeting, they both realize that they are mates.  After living away from wolves for so long Grace is overwhelmed that she has a wolf mate and is part of a family.

This book pretty much wraps up the war that has been going on for the last several books. It was a great ending to the story. Quite the twist at the end of with Cade’s new position but it feels right.


Paranormal, Shifter, Cascadia Wolves, Lauren Dane

Synopsis from Book/Publisher:

Cade Warden has always put his Pack first, setting aside everything else even his need for a mate. Now Warren Pellini has a new biological weapon, threatening everything Cade holds dear. Into his life walks Grace Pellini, sister of his greatest enemy and his destined mate. Grace walks a dangerous line, gathering information to aid the Nationally Allied Packs. In the midst of their rising passion and desperate search for the key to disabling the weapon, Pellini raises the stakes with a Challenge. Grace must stand by, Cades life in her hands, as her mate risks everything for his people

ISBN-13: 9781605040950

Publisher: Samhain Publishing, LTD

Publication date: 4/1/2009

Author Website:

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