Fated by Lauren Dane

(Cascadia Wolves Book #6) By Lauren Dane

My Review:

Megan Warden is heading down to a wedding with the rest of the Warden females. She is now the Enforcer for the Cascadia Pack since Lex was made its Alpha, when Cade became the Supreme Alpha (so much going on). Not wanting to hang around all the giggly females, Megan is at the airport to pick up Shane Rosario, her sister’s Tri-bond.  In the car both Megan and Shane realize that they are mates. As soon as they get back to the hotel they get together and become mated.

I have mixed feelings about this book. I really did not like Shane’s character. I felt he was not a good fit for Megan.  Megan is the Enforcer for her pack, she is a strong women and she should have been mated to someone better, well I shouldn’t say better but someone that is secure in who he is and is a strong person as well. In my opinion, Shane is a jerk for most of the book, all he wants is sex from her and she even says that to him. The remainder of the story is back and forth with Megan and Shane and their relationship drama. Ugh, couldn’t deal with it after a while. For me the only positive thing about the book was all the old characters I got to read about again.

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Synopsis from Book/Publisher:

Just because Fate brings you your perfect mate doesn’t mean it’ll be easy. A Cascadia Wolves story.

Could there be any worse fate than a road trip from Seattle to L.A.—with one’s mother—to attend a wedding? Why yes, when one isn’t married yet, like Megan Warden. Toss in a grandmother and a carload of already married sisters and it’s a recipe for sneaking sips of “special” coffee while someone else drives. Sane Rosario has better things to do than attend a wedding where his father’s relatives will be at him nonstop about getting married and having children. If it weren’t for seeing his anchor bond, Layla, he’d have taken a pass on the entire weekend. It would be easy, since he’s become adept at hiding who and what he is. Wen the two weren’t even looking, Fate steps in and before they know it, their bond is sealed. Bonded pair, married in the eyes of their people. Two people tied together in every way. Trouble is, Shane’s not sure he wants all that comes with Megan. And Megan’s certain she’s not willing to live outside her pack, pretending to be human. The distance between them is more than geographical. It’s a widening gulf rapidly filling with resentment…an emotional divide only acceptance could bridge. Can Shane can accept himself to cross it? Only if they let love take control.

ISBN-13: 9781605041339

Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.

Publication date: 8/19/2008

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