Tortured By Amanda McIntyre

Tortured By Amanda McIntyre

Tortured is out of the realm of my usual Romance book. The story is not your warm fuzzy romance story, it is a very gritty story of a young woman named Sierra who is thrust into a life she didn’t want and did what she had to survive.  Sierra lived in 500 A.D. at a time when the Saxons had invaded Britannia after the Romans left, A very dark time in history, especially for women. As I read the book I struggled with the life she led and the things she had to endure.  Sierra becomes the executioner’s apprentice and is made to assist him.  Sierra is part Celt and has the gift of sight from her mother. Her only escape for the past nine years has been when she met her one male friend for some trysts here and there. She remembers the death of her mother and her brother that was taken from her. Shortly into the story the King’s soldiers captures Dryston of Hereford and he is brought to Sierra to interrogate. Sierra is shocked by how much she comes to like being with Dryston. He begins to develop feelings for her as well but is reserved because he has lost women in the past.  The remainder of the book is Sierra and Dryston as they try to escape their imprisonment and the subsequent fight with the King.  Like I said in the beginning this book is not your typical romance, but that being said, I did like the book. It is a story of a woman who has no one to trust but herself and she lives a life that most people would not survive. Through this she meets a man who can possibly have a future with. Dryston is an interesting character. He wants to take care of Sierra and make her happy. The book might not be for everyone but it is definitely worth a look.


From the Publisher –

Ensnared in the war-torn, untamed Dark Ages of North England, Sierra understands all too well what it takes to survive: the ability to numb the soul. She has learned this lesson the hard way, watching her mother die at the hands of the king’s henchmen, her brother cast out into the cold to perish, and discovering the treacherous, leering king holds a crucial secret about her past.
But when he grants Sierra her life, she discovers the pardon is perhaps worse than death. Sierra is made executioner’s apprentice, forced to witness unspeakable suffering while encouraged to explore her own sexual power.

Brainwashed and exhausted, Sierra’s heart slowly grows cold—until Dryston of Hereford is brought to the dungeon as traitor and spy. Using her sexual allure to extract the warrior’s secrets, Sierra finds herself torn between duty and desire. Soon, Sierra is craving the only man who can help set her battered soul free and give her a chance for revenge….

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